Alex Whitehead is one of our Talent INC. Directors.  Alex is responsible for brining the Talent INC. program to the UK.  Alex started with the Talent Inc Program years ago as a supportive parent that wanted more opportunities for her 2 daughters.  Both of her girls went through the program and were very successful in their endeavors winning overall awards and receiving opportunities to sign with American and UK agencies.  To participate, Alex and her daughters traveled to America as there were no opportunities like this in the UK.  Alex approached Scott Cooper about coming to the UK and bringing the amazing UK talent the opportunities that he had brought to America and Canada.  Without hesitation, Mr. Cooper partnered with Alex on this amazing journey.  Alex has experienced every aspect of the Talent INC. program and is the liaison for all parents and families through this process.  She spends endless hours helping and aiding families in their journey with Talent INC.  Talent INC is a very family friendly company and Alex is the glue that keeps the UK family together.  Her daughter Beth (pictured with Alex) is now one of the main coaches for the UK training. 

Even experienced talent needs to constantly evolve to stay relevant and at the top of their game, especially in this ever-changing, uber-competitive industry. You can have a life-long long career, if you chose to, but one of the most important pieces of advice I can offer is to ENJOY the process. Whether you are an aspiring child star, Sr Citizen, or a veteran actor, you cannot measure success by anything greater than your love for what you do.

Talent INC is what I consider my mission in the industry and the fulfillment of a much bigger dream. More than just achieving success for myself, it is creating the opportunity for success for so many thousands of others to enjoy. I cannot promise you stardom or predict that you will go on to big fame and fortune. No agent, casting director, talent scout or parent can make success happen. Only you hold the answer to how far and fast you can achieve your goals. Talent INC can help you define those goals. There is no magic formula for making you successful. I will tell you that if you invest in mastering your skill, developing a game-plan and getting the right exposure, you will be taking the first steps. Talent INC can help you to do this.

Warren Bacci runs Top Talent Agency (aka TTA) which represents children and adults in TV, Films, west End, Commercials and Modeling. Warren started as a judge for Talent INC and was so impressed with the program they provided for emerging talent. "There is no other program quite like Talent INC as it gives YOU, the performer, the opportunity to showcase your talents to a board of agents. Not only UK agents, but also US and Canadian Agents! I have first hand seen actors get offers from both UK and American agents, so it is such a great program! Not only that, but performers will get the opportunity to perform in a London Showcase and learn invaluable skills from Top industry experts. So many actors, both children and adults attend our agency auditions at TTA and its either a yes to sign with us or more often a no. We never have the time to give those performers who have not been selected to join us, any other training or advice. With Talent INC you really will have all the tools you need to secure that next agency audition"!  

Warren is also Principal to Hertfordshire’s leading stage school: “Top Hat Stage & Screen School”. With over 10 years teaching children in drama and dance. Warren is also seen regularly judging various talent shows. He trained in Scotland and has appeared as an actor is a variety of TV and films including: The Bill, Waking the Dead, Hotel Babylon and Silent Witness, as well as films and theatre. As casting director he has worked on a variety of projects such as short films, comedy series and music videos and has been running the “Children's division” of Top Talent Agency since 2008 to great success. in 2014 he also won "Business Person of the Year" at the Hertfordshire Business Awards. 

The whole concept of Talent INC evolved from one child’s dream of being a star and the career that was born of a dream. Scott Cooper started out as a child actor in rural North Carolina with a dream of being on TV, but he would have to wait until adulthood to work professionally as an actor.

Cooper created Talent Inc so that he could bridge the gap between new, undiscovered talent and the industry decision makers. He started with the simple question, “What if I could audition, identify, nurture and educate those people, like me, with talent and a dream? What if I could introduce my contacts at major agencies to the new talent that I discover and develop? These undiscovered talent can meet these agents, many of them former co-workers, entertainers and friends that I share a deep mutual respect and understanding of the industry from all sides? What if I guaranteed them that the conference attendees were personally coached and developed by me and my staff so that I could showcase a collection of some of the best, most prepared new talent in the world? The answer to all of these questions is what has evolved over the years into Talent INC.

UK Talent INC

The one thing I want you to get from Talent INC more than anything is enjoyment. Of course we will help to get you the technical training, experience and exposure that you need to get started, but careers are like relationships. You only get out of them what you are willing to give and they only last as long as you are invested. If all of the work, sacrifice, money and sheer determination does not bring you a high level of enjoyment, then you are pursuing the wrong career.

You can not be successful in this industry, if your heart and soul isn’t in it. You can not fake it or phone it in. Casting director, agents and I can spot the real spark of joy in the eyes of talent who loves what they do from a mile a way. It’s the first thing we look for and the last thing we remember. In that, we ask parents to really carefully consider that this is the child’s dream and not their own before pursuing this industry.

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