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The UK's BEST Talent Development Program

UK Talent INC

Talent INC 2016 Conference

Talent Inc is the best opportunity I've come across for new and experienced actors to get advice and training from people who know the business. Everyone involved genuinely cares about helping you grow as an actor and getting the best out of you. Scott and Beth's classes were brilliant, I learnt so much and gained confidence in my own abilities. The Talent Inc family are with you the whole way, even after the lessons are over. 

Lauren Butcher

Like most parents, we would see kids on commercials or advertisements and think our little girl has the personality and look to do the same. Our biggest obstacle was not knowing where to begin the process. So we decided to look deeper into the world of modeling and acting for our daughter Elyn. We understood that for all of the success stories you constantly hear about, there were many more horror stories of children and parents getting taken advantage of, or having to pay unGodly amounts of money up front, or simply the reality of the modeling and acting business not meeting people's expectations.

Elyn Jenkins

One main thing about what makes Talent Inc so unique is that Scott genuinely cares about every single individual he trains. Your relationship with Scott and the whole of Talent Inc doesn't end after the showcase, it only grows stronger as the weeks, months and years go by. Talent Inc gives you the tools, so it's up to you as to how you decide to use them. 

Katie Lockwood

"When I first found out about Talent Inc. I thought this was my long awaited chance to get in touch with the Amercian market. After attending the initial presentation and the workshop, I knew straight away that Scott Cooper was the 'real deal' and I’m truly grateful for him to give talent from the UK this opportunity. The whole experience was amazing, not only did I learn a lot from the workshops delivered from people that are in the industry but I also discovered a lot of talented people and made new friends. I came with little expectation and just wanted to have fun but Talent INC far surpassed my expectations and I have been offered representation by 10 agencies and 2 managers in the USA. However, what was more surprising to me is that I won the award for ‘Best Overall Male Actor’ out of the 160 performers at that event! As a result of this, I have won a full scholarship to future events. Giving me, even more, exposure to industry professionals. I highly recommend taking this opportunity not just only to follow your dreams, but for the experiences which come with it as it is that which I value the most. Thus, I really appreciate Scott Cooper and the UK Talent Inc. team for making this happen."



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